Technologies that contributes protect the quality and develop innovative products for the customers. Goal of PhytoteQ is to provide the best possible harvesting technology to prevent its loss of quality (volatile secondary metabolites) which includes, minimizing the time and cost of drying and curing and preventing the high standard quality of cannabis. Monitoring the extracts in different grades and concentrations of macro, micro and nano-cannabinoids. The end product of cannabis will be used for the recreational or bio-pharmaceutical research and development.


PhytoteQ has collaborated with universities, private phytopharma companies and research institutes around the globe. Vision and goals of post harvesting technology by PhytoteQ is to protect the quality of the product to be used in curing varieties of diseases as cannabinoids and protect the nutritional factors in green leafy vegetables. The strain development is based on the clinical trials and specific cannabinoid that can be used in pharmaceuticals.

PhytoteQ optimizes the extraction of

best quality products



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