Selection of Lighting and Supplemental Lighting -

Selection of Advanced Analytical Equipments -

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) -

Automated Irrigation System -


Substrate Optimization -

Pest Management and Sanitation -

Bridging Conventional & Modern Growing Methods -

Educating Employees -


- Advanced Technological CEA Building

- Sustainable CEA Design

- Automation of CEA

- Implementation of CEA Software Monitoring


- Establishing Research & Development

- Planning & Implementation of Cost-effective Technologies

- Strategic Management

- Best QA and QC Protocols

Designing and constructing the most efficient controlled environment to simulate different environmental conditions to obtain the variations in secondary metabolites in CANNABIS, HEMP and other medicinal plants as well in green vegetables by altering the biotic and abiotic stress levels. PhytoteQ working on building, advanced HVAC system, most efficient lightings, supplemental lights, horizontal and vertical farming, etc.


Implementing the advanced sustainable controlled atmosphere building in combination with vertical farming proven to increase 4.3X more quantity and better quality by minimized usage of pesticides.

PhytoteQ provides you the complete package of ready to use

state-of-THE-art growing facility




Implantation helps to reduce the long-term investment and increases the return and consistent positive revenue generation


Artificial intelligence (AI)

The consistent interaction of plant scientists, plant physiologists, nutritionists, and pathologist with advanced artificial intelligent scientist creating technologies to make controlled agriculture more efficient and minimum direct contact with the plants. PhytoteQ presenting plant health data monitoring, nutrition automation.


Artificial lighting

One of the parameters that decides the plant growth, development and its functional compound is photosynthesis. Having experienced photobiological engineers in the team, we focus on understanding, working on the electrontransport chain and effect of photon energy on photosynthetic activity. This ensures produce positive stress in the plant to benefit commercial crops. PhytoteQ involves majorly on the R&D of effect of light intensity and wavelength on CANNABIS and other controlled environmental vegetable crops


Automation software

The software designed to monitor the climatic conditions on real time and give the positive and negative data to the growers and the team who maintains the production facilities. The data will be stored on cloud to minimize the storage space and data will be protected.


Sensors system

When the plants grown in controlled environment, we need to monitor its performance, requirements, needs and wants. As a human eye can only differentiate the good and bad looking, but the intelligent sensor technology is based on the real time data that can suggest the best inputs required for the best crop. PhytoteQ customized sensors focused on controlling and monitoring – light quality, pH, O2, CO2, N2, relative humidity (RH), the total environmental control weather station


Pest-management &

sanitation system

Our controlled environmental gas tight rooms proven to prevent the exchange of gases 99.99 % (percent). Air circulation is the carrier for pathological contamination beside uncontrolled human interaction. For the better crop yield, PhytoteQ collaborated with the worlds best companies to implement sanitation technologies to prevent microbial contamination

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