Implementation of science and technology to the modern agriculture system will significantly make difference in quality and quantity. But, the considerations on implementing the S&T has to be based on the cost, reliability, sustainability, longevity, automation, innovation, quality, quantity, risk and hazard assessment, enhancing the global competition, user and learning friendly, being novel, delivering the best of final products. The ultimate goal is to generate the best revenue, creating high returns per dollar investment.


Consistent research and development on attaining novelty and global position in controlled environmental agriculture. Our extraordinary team focus to work on two phases of the CEA.


PhytoteQ introduces innovation in technological cultivation of leafy vegetables and commercial crops like cannabis and hemp.




- Advanced technological CEA building

- Sustainable CEA design

- Planning and implementation of cost-effective


- Selection of lighting and supplemental lighting

- Establishing research and development

- Selection of advanced analytical equipments.

- Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

- Automation of CEA

- Implementation of CEA software monitoring

- Automated Irrigation system

- Substrate optimization

- Pest management and sanitation

- Strategic management

- Best QA and QC protocols

- Bridging conventional & modern growing

  methods by educating employees



- Harvesting technology

- Extraction technology

- Packaging and labeling technology

- Quality and Quantity consistency

- Understanding competitive market

- Product development

- Product analysis and data management

- Automation

- Pre-clinical and clinical trials

- Pharmacokinetics and drug design

- Shelf-life extension

- International marketing

- Collaborations and investments

- Protecting IP’s

- Strain development and new innovations

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