Prof. Vijaya Raghavan, PhD

Nearly 45 years of experience and over 600 scientific publications related to post-harvesting technologies and food engineering, it is great opportunity to have him as a scientific board of director to achieve the new innovations.



Dr. Geetika Phukan, PhD

Research Director, Receptor- Molecule Interactions.



Dr. Jiby Kurian, PhD

Research Director – Post harvesting Technology and Research Projects.



Prof. Ajjamada Kushalappa, PhD

Plant Pathology and Genomics expert with 40 years of experience

in developing the technologies for Genome Editing and Developing New Breeds.



Dr. Shivappa Hukkeri, PhD

Expert in Plant Breeding and Developing Genetic Data for New Strains.



Dr. Edris Madadian, PhD

VP-Controlled Environment and Civil Engineering.



Srinivasa Reddy

Having nearly 12 years of research and development experience in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Cancer Research, Plant-microbial Interaction and Nutrient Effect on growth and development of plants in controlled environment, Photo-biological Engineering, Controlled Environmental Agriculture and Lighting Research. Various graduations in above mentioned field helped him to understand the implement the technologies required for present controlled environmental agriculture.

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